Creative Academy Foundation Degree Dance study for 28 contact hours per week.

ISTD, Contact & Partnering, Aerial, Tap, Tumbling, Commercial, Jazz, Contemporary, Funk Styles, Contemporary Styles, Heels

BA(Hons) With foundation Degree

BA(Hons) Dance Degree

Masters Degree In Dance

The course is approximately 20% theory and 80% practical.

Creative Academy takes up to 40 students intake for first year with 20 in a class.

Yes, Creative Academy offers Intermediate Foundation to Advanced 2: Imperial Ballet, Modern Theatre and Tap.

Creative Academy charges £7250 per year (subject to APP, funded by SLC through UWL.

We do not have our own Halls of Residence but we do have access to privately run Student halls in Reading (www.unite-students.com & www.fawleybridgestudents.com). We do however have a private Facebook accommodation group set up which new students will be given access to once the deposit for the course is made (letter will be sent out). Through this Creative Academy helps and give’s guidance for students come together, meet one another, and meet estate agents to view and rent houses.

Creative Academy offers a minimum of 30 contact hours, 20 more than other University dance courses and has much smaller class sizes. Creative Academy is embedded within industry and has ‘real’ partnerships with some of the country’s top dance industry professionals.

Creative Academy offers the same level of training as other CDMT vocational schools, however, students gain essential skills to work in the dance industry outside of performance including teaching qualifications, essential dance qualifications and a greater understanding of being a freelancer, business skills and funding.

Creative Academy encourages students to take as many classes as possible as long as it does not impact on your learning and time at Creative Academy.

Yes, please visit our showcase page to see our latest dance films & performances.